Post of Serbia - Strategic Cooperation Between the Post of Serbia and the Post of Slovenia


Strategic Cooperation Between the Post of Serbia and the Post of Slovenia

Today, the Directors of the Post of Serbia and the Post of Slovenia, Zoran Đorđević and Tomaž Kokot, have had the first online meeting, and on this occasion they confirmed their readiness to intensify the traditionally good cooperation between the Posts of the two countries in the direction of strategic development of new services for the citizens and economy.

At the meeting, attended also by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the PE Post of Serbia, Boriša Šarenac, it was estimated that there is a common readiness for the joint work on improvement of postal, technological and logistic solutions, in accordance with the growing needs of the citizens and economies of Serbia and Slovenia.

Today’s meeting has been held on the initiative of Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, as the first one in a series of activities on the development of strategic cooperation of the Post of Serbia with the Postal Operators in the region.

The scope of possible directions of the cooperation of the Posts of Serbia and Slovenia which Directors Đorđević and Kokot have considered today, will be the subject of further elaboration by the expert teams. Also, the Acting Director Đorđević has made the official invitation to the delegation of the Post of Slovenia to visit the Post of Serbia, which Mr Kokot accepted with pleasure.