Post of Serbia - Joining Efforts to Satisfied Customers


Joining Efforts to Satisfied Customers

Four biggest national companies and financial institution - PE Post of Serbia, “Telekom Srbija” JSC, Postal Savings Bank JSC Belgrade and “Dunav” Insurance - signed a Protocol on joint cooperation today. The goal is for all citizens of Serbia to have access to the most modern services of postal traffic, banking, insurance and telecommunications in one place, as well as to help the development of less developed areas of Serbia.

“Satisfied citizens of Serbia - that is the aim of all four companies and this Protocol is just the first step towards that. We will work to ensure that the highest quality services are equally available to all the customers. In accordance with the commitment of the Government of Serbia, our cooperation will develop in the direction of digitalization of services, which will enable citizens to perform most of their obligations from home”, said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia.

“In the developed European countries it has long been natural for insurance to be offered to the customers through banks and postal and telecommunications operators. That is why I believe that with this partnership we will bring our services even closer to the citizens and thus contribute not only to their satisfaction, but also to the development of our companies”, said Ivana Soković, President of the Executive Board of “Dunav” Insurance.

“This Protocol is a sublimation of everything that our companies, whose owner or majority shareholder is the state, individually represent and that is why we have a great and binding responsibility towards all citizens of Serbia. This cooperation will enable us all to grow faster and be as stable and secure as the state of Serbia”, pointed out Bojan Kekić MPhil, President of the Executive Board of the Postal Savings Bank.

“Telekom Srbija” has the ambition to become telecommunications leader in the region and this Protocol on joint cooperation will enable us to reach the customers through Post of Serbia in the parts of the country where we did not have our own branch offices. I would especially like to emphasize the socially binding role of this cooperation, which we will use to create the best possible environment in Serbia through joint projects and donations“, said Vladimir Lučić, Director General of “Telekom Srbija” JSC.

First joint centre will be opened in the post office in Bosilegrad, where currently there are no branch offices of the Postal Savings Bank, Telekom and “Dunav” Insurance.