Warning - abuse of symbols of the Post of Serbia

Regarding fraudulent and fake emails that reach citizens, and which abuse corporate identity and the name of PE Post of Serbia, we inform the public that the Post of Serbia is not behind these activities, nor behind any other actions undertaken via emails, internet or social networks.

Citizens are advised to take extra precaution if they receive an email or any other message with the symbols of the Post, not to open links in received messages and not to enter their data. In case of any doubts, we invite citizens to contact us through our Contact Center at 0700 100 300 and 011 3607 788.

The competent services of PE Post of Serbia follow the announcements on social networks and take special care of possible abuses of corporate identity of the Enterprise, of which customers are regularly informed via the official website and Facebook profile of the Post of Serbia.

At the same time, the Post of Serbia immediately reacted to the observed abuses by filing a report to the Ministry of Interior - Criminal Police Directorate against unknown persons due to the abuse of corporate identity and the name of PE Post of Serbia.

For further information, as well as more details about the activities of PE Post of Serbia, please visit our corporate website, Facebook profile, or our official Instagram account.