Supervisory Board’s Decision to Honour the Obligation to the Employees

In addition to discussing the regular agenda items, the Supervisory Board of PE Post of Serbia approved the decision on writing-off the movable assets with purchase price higher than RSD 500,000. This decision was preceded two days earlier by the decision of Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director, to write off the movable assets with purchase price lower than RSD 500,000. Thus the requirements of the delivery staff were met and one of the Enterprise’s contractual liabilities towards them was fulfilled.

At the today’s session, Director Đorđević informed the Supervisory Board on the business plans for 2021, introduction of new services and on the new type of functioning of the distribution system and usage of vehicles in the PE Post of Serbia. Henceforward, the company fleet and delivery vehicles will be used in accordance with the dispatch model, which means that they will be equally available to all the staff members in accordance with the needs of work they perform.