Post of Serbia - Correction of the prices of postal and financial services


Correction of the prices of postal and financial services

Starting from the April 1, new price lists of postal services in domestic and international postal traffic come into force, previously approved by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on March 18 2021. PE Post of Serbia thus harmonizes its business with the Law on Postal Services and other regulations governing postal traffic, but also with real costs incurred by the provision of universal postal service.

Pursuant to the increase of the retail prices, the prices of postal and financial services have been corrected, where we would like to single out the most frequently used service - letter up to 20 gr (ordinary), that will now cost 30 instead of 27 RSD, and registered letter of the same weight will cost 90 instead of 81 RSD. The commission for the cash payments has been minimally increased, and for payments up to 5,000 RSD it will be 50 RSD, instead of previous 45 RSD, which still makes it the lowest price for customers.

Prices of parcel services both in domestic and international traffic, haven’t been changed.

We would like to point out, that following the trends of the modern business, from April 1, PE Post of Serbia starts providing the service of receiving payments through the Instant Payment System of the National Bank of Serbia, without any additional commission for the customers.

In the first phase 4,000 counters across Serbia will enable payment of administrative taxes to the Ministry of the Interior (issuance of personal documents, issuance of license plate labels, registration of residence, etc.) and the funds will be instantly visible at the account of the Ministry. We would like to mention that almost 50 percent of payments for the services of the Ministry of the Interior are received on the postal counters, which further indicates the importance of the introduction of this new service.

As a socially responsible company, we have paid attention to meeting the needs of our customers by offering the lowest price and satisfactory quality.