Post of Serbia - First Electric Cars Arrived in the Postal Fleet


First Electric Cars Arrived in the Postal Fleet

As of today, five small electric delivery vehicles have become a part of the postal fleet. They will be used for postal deliveries in the heart of the city centres of Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad. Their small frame makes them particularly suitable for driving and stopping in the restricted city centre areas, narrow streets and small parking places. The vehicles will be used for specialised delivery of Post Express items, EMS items, Cash Express, telegrams and money orders.

“This is just one of a number of innovative activities by which we mark the 180th anniversary of the Post of Serbia, and we are proud to be among the first to introduce environmentally sound solutions and standards. By modernisation and development of our postal network and introduction of new types of technology vehicles, the largest and widest national distribution network gains new strength in “green” solutions as well. At the same time, the availability and quality of the postal service in the very city centres is elevated to a higher level. However, we do not forget rural areas with hardly accessible terrains, where we expect the first postal quads to be delivered at the end of the next month”, pointed out Mira Petrović, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

With the procurement of the first five electric cars, the Post of Serbia continued with innovating all the phases of the technology process and infrastructure and launched a large, society-wide campaign for decreasing emissions of hazardous gases.