RIA Money Orders Available in Post Offices Throughout Serbia

On 20 August 2020, the Post of Serbia will start the service of simple and safe international money transfer by RIA money order. This service is available in over 1,300 corporate post offices throughout the country.

Maximum amount for sending from Serbia per money order is RSD 580,000, while the money order is available for payment to the recipient within ten minutes from sending at the most, while the money order is available to the recipient for 30 calendar days. Money sending and receiving is made in RSD and the conversion in accordance with the currency rate list applied by RIA company.

By introducing RIA money orders, the Post of Serbia has extended its range of services, and the RIA money order service is added to already existing competitive service offer of international money transfer by PostCash, Western Union and MoneyGram, increasing the availability of this service of services to the domestic market and meeting the habits of our customers.

For more than 30 years, company RIA has been providing with great success an expedient, secure and cost-efficient option for sending and receiving money to customers around the world, within its network of 435,000 locations in 159 countries.