Post of Serbia - Postal stamp in honour of Momo Kapor


Postal stamp in honour of Momo Kapor

The PE Post of Serbia has issued today a special issue stamp “Notable Serbs“ dedicated to the distinguished painter, writer and journalist Momčilo Momo Kapor, while in the PTT Museum in Belgrade the promotion of the postal stamp with the famous Self-portrait of Momo Kapor was organised.

The Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia, Mira Petrović, said in her address to the numerous audience and media representatives, that the issue Notable Serbs, dedicated to Momo Kapor, is very important for the Post of Serbia, because it represents the works of famous artist, painter and writer, and it is issued in the jubilee year, 180th Year of the Post of Serbia existance. „The Post of Serbia is among rare public enterprises with such a long and successful tradition, and it is always several steps ahead of others and embracing modern way of operating. By the postal stamps, we make important contributions to the society, following the national and world history, significant events and jubilees, sports and cultural manifestations. I am grateful to Ms Kapor for her devotion to preserve the memory to the magnificent Momo’s talents, as well as the traditional prize awarded by the Momčilo Momo Kapor Foundation for the literary and fine arts contribution to the Serbian artistic scene. The stamps with works of Momo Kapor shall remain as witnesses that Momo Kapor conquered the world also in this way”, concluded Ms Petrović.

Ljiljana Kapor, the founder of the Momčilo Momo Kapor Foundation, thanked to the Post of Serbia on preserving the works and memories on the notable personalities in this manner and hoping that the present young generations, which are relying on the modern technologies, will send letters with Moma’s stamp to the world.

The special issue stamp motifs are widely famous drawings of Momo Kapor: on the stamp of nominal value of 27 dinars - Self-portrait (year 2000, drawing, dip pen), on the vignette: Portrait of Liki (1982, drawing, pencil), on FDC envelope: Belgrade on the Hat (2006, drawing, dip pen), on the cancellation: A Girl with Rose (1996, drawing, dip pen), all successfully present the lyrical drawing style which he cherished.

Graphic realisation of the issue is the work of Jakša Vlahović, the Academic Graphic Designer of WU Srbijamarka of the PE Post of Serbia, with the expert cooperation of Ljiljana Kapor, Momčilo Momo Kapor Foundation.