Increase of salaries planned for the employees of the Post of Serbia

The Business Program of the Enterprise plans salary increases, and special attention will be paid to improving the material security of employees with the lowest incomes - agreed at a meeting between the Deputy Prime Minister and the Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

In order to improve the economic and social position of the employees of the PE Post of Serbia, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Nebojša Stefanović, and Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Mira Petrović, met today in the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The proposal of the Business Program of the PE Post of Serbia for 2020, which was adopted by the Supervisory Board of the Enterprise at the session held on November 29, 2019, was considered. The Program proposal plans the increase of salaries for employees by 10 percent in 2020, as well as the payment of earnings from 2019 profits in March 2020, immediately upon the adoption of the 2019 Financial Report.

As explained, the planned increase of earnings is in full alignment with the financial capabilities of the Enterprise at the moment and its sustainable operations. It was pointed out that the planned increase of salaries in the Enterprise, with particular regard to the salaries of the lowest-paid employees, as well as the abolition of the Law on temporary regulation of salaries i.e. wages and other steady income calculation and payment bases of public fund users, shall already affect the January salary, which will be significantly increased, bringing it closer to the national average.

We would like to remind you that the social dialogue on improving the financial position of the employees of the PE Post of Serbia, which started in March this year, has led to a number of concrete measures that have been and are continued to be implemented. Parts of profit from 2017 and 2018 were paid in April and September in the total net amount of 1,028,734,373.23 RSD, or in gross amount - 1,627,744,285.74 RSD (taxes and contributions included). Also, in July, solidarity aid was paid to 13,540 employees, whose basic salary is below 50,000 RSD, in the total net amount of 270,800,000.00 RSD, or in gross amount - 452,556,627.20 RSD. All payments were made from the Enterprise’s own resources in accordance with its sustainable operations, and the same principle was followed in determining the increase of salaries in 2020, as well as social measures - introducing free medical evaluations and expanding the scope of employee insurance with the aim of improving care for employees.