Post of Serbia - Price change for postal services


Price change for postal services

PE Post of Serbia changed its prices for postal services in domestic postal traffic and for payment operations services.

The most common, regular letter weighing up to 20 grams now costs 27 RSD, while sending registered postal items weighing up to 20 grams amounts to 81 RSD. 81 RSD is also the amount for insured letters to which the amount for the indicated value is added. Postal items with confirmed delivery, weighing up to 20 grams, cost 54 RSD. The price of court letters is 54 RSD, and sending of printed matter, weighing up to 20 grams, 19 RSD. The new price for handling postal money orders is 27 RSD and 54 RSD for Postnet orders.

The price adjustments set by the new price lists, valid as of August 1, are in line with the rise in consumer prices, the rise in prices of electricity, fuel, utilities, tolls and the inflation rate over the past five years, during which period prices of postal services have not changed, which has led to a significant increase of costs of providing postal services.

Harmonization of prices with the real costs of universal postal service, along with the obligation of complying with the standards, enables further preservation and improvement of the quality of postal services.