Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia - favourite domestic brand


Post of Serbia - favourite domestic brand

For two years in a row, the Post of Serbia has occupied the first place, and its Express service 2nd place in the opinion of consumers.

The Post of Serbia has once again won the prestigious "My Choice" award for the favourite domestic brand in 2019, in the "Transport" category, and the courier services of the Post of Serbia, Post-Express, again came in second. The leading position of the Post of Serbia and Post Express in the “Transport” category was confirmed by consumers in the 9th edition of the campaign conducted by the Association “Moja Srbija” in the competition among 930 brands in 27 categories.

“It is a great pleasure to win the recognition of consumers once again. The “My Choice” award is important for 15,000 employees of the Post, which ended the last year with excellent results and over 2,3 billion dinars of profit, while providing 457 million of services during the same period. We are particularly pleased that the quality of our courier service was confirmed, which demonstrates constant growth in the express and parcel services market and achieves dominant market share, despite the strong competition. Post-Express, a market leader, has handled over 9.5 million express items, with fast and secure transfer and compliance with guaranteed deadlines. These awards obligate us to further develop the wide range of services we offer and to maintain and improve the most developed national distribution network that enables the widest availability, with quality guarantee, at affordable prices and under equal conditions for all customers", says Mira Petrović, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia. Not only is the Post planning further services development in e-commerce and digitalization process, but it is also supporting other institutions which digitalize their processes, which is the case with the newest project in a row - the project of issuing and extending of drivers’ licenses and their delivery at household adresses, which was recently confirmed by the Governemnt’s report.

”Key projects which the Post undertakes are related to maximum utilization of logistic potentials and a strong postal IT support, as well as the development of transit center for distribution of goods which are generated in e-commerce for the region, making the Post the leading regional provider of modern postal service, and a strong support of the national economy and national projects’’, highlighted Petrović while receiving the award.

The Post of Serbia has a 179 years long tradition and a network of 1,500 post offices and more than 1,600 vehicles in the technological fleet. With nearly 4,000 deliverers and mailmen and 4,000 counters it is at the service of the citizens at any address in Serbia, and it is a reliable partner in economy and an unavoidable participant in important state projects. It realizes over 50% of its revenue in a commercial market, and it was the first to develop express delivery 16 years ago by organizing Post-Express which daily realizes over 40,000 services. The quality and ISO Standard 9001:2015 of the Post of Serbia have been confirmed.