Post of Serbia - Supervisory Board decided on the employees’ participation in 2017 profit


Supervisory Board decided on the employees’ participation in 2017 profit

The Supervisory Board of the Public Enterprise “Post of Serbia”, Belgrade, at the XXI session held today, reached a decision on the distribution of undistributed profits to employees - so that RSD 475 million is allocated for the participation of employees in profit.

With the explanation that the Post of Serbia in 2017 achieved a profit of 2.23 billion dinars, and that a good result was contributed by the employees, the position of the Management of the Enterprise is to pay the employees earnings from profit in the amount of 475 million dinars, which would, together with the previously paid profit in the same amount in December 2018, amount to 950 million dinars of the total allocated profit from 2017 on the basis of the participation of employees in profit. The Enterprise sent the Decision to the Founder, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, for approval. On November 30, 2018, the Enterprise paid the statutory 50% of the realized profit to the Founder.

At the session, the socio-economic situation of the employees was discussed, as well as the demands of the representative unions for its improvement. The Management expressed a clear attitude that the system provides regular salaries and benefits for close to 15,000 employees, and that Management has an impact on improving the position of employees by developing the technological processes and working conditions, restoring technology and equipment for work as well as the vehicle fleet, taking all measures from the competencies of the Enterprise. It was pointed to the fact that in February this year, salaries that had previously been reduced by the subject law in 2014, were increased, and it has been repeated that the increase in gross salaries, without which there are no conditions for increasing the salaries of employees, is the exclusive competence of the Founder. The Management and the Supervisory Board will continue their discussions with the Founder in order to find a solution for further improvement of the position of employees.

Due to the results that are obvious, due to customers and obligations assumed by the public postal operator, the Management of the Enterprise will take necessary managerial decisions and measures in accordance with the positive legislation, internal procedures and operational needs in order to keep the system stable and all organizational units functioning smoothly and continuing to achieve positive business results.