Employees of the Post Received a New Collective Agreement

Employees of the Post received a new Collective Agreement which continues the tradition of successful social dialogue. 

The New Collective Agreement, which will be in force the following three years for 15,000 employees of the Post of Serbia, was signed on behalf of the founder by Rasim Ljajić, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, on behalf of the employer by Mira Petrović, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, and on behalf of the employees by Aleksandar Pavlović, President of the PTT of Serbia Trade Union and Snežana Marković, President of  the ’Independence’ PTT Trade Union.

’Herewith the tradition of successful social dialogue in one of the biggest and most successful enterprises in Serbia is continued, acquiring higher level of internal corporate responsibility’, emphasized director Petrović and added that it is especially important that the acquired rights of the employees were reserved and that new conveniences were introduced, precising some of them, which will ensure easier use of this Act in practice.

Satisfaction for concluding the new Collective Agreement was expressed by the leaders of representative trade unions, emphasizing that the employees of the Post of Serbia received one of the best quality collective agreements, with greater concern for the employees and their families.