Post of Serbia - Director Zoran Anđelković: Promise made to the employees has been fulfilled


Director Zoran Anđelković: Promise made to the employees has been fulfilled

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Anđelković, held a meeting in a wider context, with directors of working, regional working and areal units from the entire country, as well as management representatives, which was also attended by union representatives.

Zoran Anđelković said that already today the Post of Serbia has started with the payment of the first part of the salary from the profit for the year 2023 and thus fulfilled the promise given to employees.

At the meeting with colleagues, Director Anđelković discussed technological processes, the most significant activities from the scope of work of business functions, presented plans, and set as a joint task - the fight for the success of the company, better position of employees, the improvement of working conditions and cooperation with customers, improving the quality of services, the branch network and delivery vehicles.

Anđelković concluded that the Post of Serbia, considering the most widespread network of branches and delivery fleet, and, as he said, reliable and fast service, is the best and safest partner for both citizens and businesses. The Post of Serbia is absolutely competitive on the national market, and in the coming period, efforts will be made to increase its competitiveness, quality of services and attract new clients, because the primary goal and interest of all parties should be the success of the company, emphasized Director Anđelković.