Post of Serbia - Charter of the Society of Mathematicians of Serbia for the Post


Charter of the Society of Mathematicians of Serbia for the Post

The great jubilee – 75 years of the Society of Mathematicians of Serbia (DMS) was marked by a solemn academy at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to the presentation of achieved results, greatest successes and plans for future work, certificates of appreciation were awarded to institutions and individuals for supporting the Society's work.

The Charter of the Society of Mathematicians was presented to Zoran Đorđević and the Post of Serbia for their long-term commitment to supporting and encouraging the development of the Society by Prof. Miroslav Marić, President of the Society.

”As a mathematician, I am very proud and grateful for this honour. Personally, I am a great admirer of everything that the Society of Mathematicians has done to popularize mathematics in our country and comprehensively support our talents. I am especially pleased, because my recently deceased professor Jovan Knežević from the Sixth Belgrade Grammar School was also a member of the Society. I also dedicate this recognition to him, an exceptional professor and friend who left us too soon. The Post of Serbia is a reliable partner of the Society, and in the coming period we will strive to cooperate more intensively and define possibilities and modalities for connection in development, professional development and exchange of professional staff in the fields of mathematics and informatics, as well as support for gifted mathematicians”, said Zoran Đorđević.