Post of Serbia - Best employees of the first quarter received awards


Best employees of the first quarter received awards

The "Best Employee" awards for the first quarter of 2023 were presented to colleagues by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia. Đorđević congratulated colleagues on the results and the awards they won.

"Thank you for your dedication, good work will always be recognized and rewarded. We continue in an even stronger rhythm to work together on development and quality response to all market demands. The new organization will help us to be more competitive, and the employees safer, better valued and positioned in the system according to the achieved results. Modern business and smart investment remain a priority, which will allow us to achieve additional income, new salary increases and continue to improve working conditions. Employees who work in the field and serve customers at the counters will be additionally stimulated and rewarded", said Director Đorđević.

Nemanja Savić, WU "Zemun" (11070 Beograd 27), Vladimir Pantić, WU "Beogradski venac" (11251 Ostružnica), Radovan Matijević, WU "Novi Sad" (21102 Novi Sad), and Saša Dimitrijević, RWU "Kragujevac, Jagodina, Kruševac" (34110 Kragujevac) were declared the best postmen. Budimir Trifunović, delivery person from WU "Zemun" (11273 Belgrade 87) was awarded in the category of best delivery person/driver.

The best counter workers are Slađana Zečević, WU "Zemun" (11070 Beograd 27), Jadranka Bulatović, WU "Beogradski venac" (11253 Sremčica), Marina Živković, WU "Niš" (18103 Niš), and Nataša Đurić, RWU "Užice, Šabac, Valjevo" (31207 Sirogojno).

The winners of the award for the best post office managers are Jasmina Mitić, WU "Beogradski venac" (11253 Sremčica) and Helena Mužinić, RWU "Pančevo, Sremska Mitrovica" (26210 Kovačica).

The best controller/cashier is Zoran Pavlović, the chief controller in WU "RPLC Belgrade", Service for sorting of parcels and postal items of non-standard dimensions. Predrag Miludinović, from WU "Niš", GPC 40200 Niš, was awarded as the best employee in the processing of postal items.