Post of Serbia - Good practice examples – experience of the Slovak Post


Good practice examples – experience of the Slovak Post

Martin Luptak, who was the Head of the Slovak Post in the period between June 2020 and September 2022, visited the Post of Serbia today and discussed with Zoran Đorđević the results of the major postal reform carried out in the Slovak Post during his tenure as Director General.

Luptak presented his view on managing the successful transformation of the Slovak Post, which is among the largest companies and employers in Slovakia, into a modern and efficient European postal administration, as well as his experiences from the implementation of new projects and services.

Director Đorđević said that by exchanging good practice examples, the Post of Serbia can get to know different successful models and choose for itself the best or individual segments of the various models, which will be helpful in the tasks of the current transformation and reform of the business operations at the Post of Serbia, so that it can reach the level of one of the most successful postal administrations in every possible sense and as soon as possible.