Post of Serbia - Post announced new winners of the contest “Write a letter to Santa”


Post announced new winners of the contest “Write a letter to Santa”

The Post of Serbia announced the winners of the literary and art prize contest "A Letter to Santa Claus" and held a festive award ceremony in the atmosphere of the "Winter Fairy Tale" holiday festival in Belgrade. Acting Director of the Post of Serbia Zoran Đorđević, vicar bishop of Toplica Petar and Miloš Janković, Acting President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Writers of Serbia, presented valuable prizes to the best authors.

At the contest, which received two thousand submissions with thousands of children's works by December 31, the first place was won by Andrija Stevanović (10), from Zalužnje near Leskovac, with a literary work of an unusual idea with all the attributes of a literary work, and Đurđa Ćirjanić (10) from Belgrade, for a complex work of rich color with a scene of anticipation of Christmas morning. The second places were won by Nastja Jozić (10) from Subotica, with a non-standard drawing in a contrasting form that carries the figure of a girl with many elements rarely seen in children's creativity, and Andrijana Stanić (12) from Vrčin, for a short story about Christmas morning in her family, lyrically colored, with many stylistic and linguistic figures. The third prizes went to Sava Sibinović (4.5) from Belgrade, who painted a family at Christmas dinner using a combined technique of exceptional expression, and Una Ristić (11) from Valjevo, for a fresh and modern depiction of a girl writing a letter in a Christmas atmosphere, with an accent on the composition and the specific angle from which it is viewed.

In the group competition, the first prizes went to students of II-2, III-2, III-3 classes and the literary-drama section of Elementary School "Akademik Milenko Šušić" from Guča, for a collective literary work with an effective mix of poetry and prose, and class IV-3 of Elementary School "Jovan Popović" from Sremska Mitrovica, for a work that evokes a winter idyll made with the almost forgotten technique of pustovanje. The second place was won by class II-1 of Elementary School "Zaga Malivuk" from Krnjača, with a poem that combines traditional and modern poetry and an innovative approach to the topic, and class II-3 of Elementary School "Bratstvo jedinstvo" from Kucura, with a pastel with dynamic compositions of holiday motifs and decorative details. The third place was taken by the preschool group "Srca" of the Preschool Institution "Jelica Obradović" from Mladenovac, with a colorful poster that shows going to pick up the holy tree on Christmas Eve and the warm atmosphere of the home before the holidays, and classes I-3, IV-2 and IV-3 of the elementary school "Milinko Kušić" from Ivanjica, imaginative children's drawings of various forms with motifs of friendship, games, sweets and holidays in the concept of a film strip and poster depicting a magical day of sledding in the countryside.

Three special prizes were awarded to Tijana Radivojević and Anita Popović, students of Elementary School "Radomir Lazić" from Azanja, Preschool Institution "Đulići" from Zaječar, and Preschool Institution "Poletarac" from Odžaci. Special diplomas were awarded to Kasja Maletić and Viktor Vulović from Belgrade.

"Encouraging letter writing and literacy through Post’s prize competition, in the last two years we focused on strengthening the spiritual and cultural heritage of St. Sava. It turned out to be the right decision, considering the great response of children who very successfully responded to the topic and sent messages of peace and love, closeness, sharing and togetherness, which is the meaning of Christmas. It is a great pleasure that today we once again shared the joy with the most successful", said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

The jury for the selection of the best works in the Letter to Santa competition consisted of writers Miloš Janković (president of the Jury), and Jasmina Malešević and Grozdana Lalić - for part of the selection of literary works, and graphic designers and visual artists, creators of stamps for the Post of Serbia - for the assessment of visual works.

The Post of Serbia awarded the winners with vouchers for equipment, sports clothes and shoes and other sports equipment, in the value of - 50,000 RSD, 40,000 RSD and 30,000 RSD, in individual competition; – 90,000 RSD, 80,000 RSD and 70,000 RSD, in the group competition, and 60,000 RSD each for three special prizes.