Post of Serbia - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal visited the Post of Serbia


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal visited the Post of Serbia

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Portugal, H.E. João Gomes Cravinho, was a guest of PE Post of Serbia as part of an official visit to the Republic of Serbia. At a meeting with the Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, the Minister was ceremoniously presented with a gift edition of the stamp issue published on the occasion of 140 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

"The great jubilee of the traditionally good and friendly diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Portugal, which have been intensified in recent years and are becoming even stronger and better with the wise politics of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, is permanently marked with a postage stamp issued by the Post of Serbia in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Portugal in Belgrade. This philatelic issue is just the beginning of our cooperation, which we plan to expand by connecting the post offices of Serbia and Portugal," said Đorđević, who also presented Minister Cravinho, a great football fan, with a Red Star football club jersey.

The symbolism represented on the edition of the issue "140 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Portugal" reflects important segments of the relations between Portugal and Serbia. Cultures connecting the two peoples are best represented by José Saramago and Ivo Andrić, winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature and internationally the most expressive representatives of the cultural and literary milieu of their nations. The same national tree - oak, along with the specifics of the species that grows in Portugal and Serbia, illustrates the sameness of ideas and values that are most often associated with this tree, but also the uniqueness of the national identities of Portugal and Serbia. Finally, the architectural achievements that symbolize the capitals of Belgrade and Lisbon - the buildings of the national parliaments, in addition to the artistic value, also carry an ideological value, above all the commitment of both peoples to the ideals of democracy. The artistic realization of the philatelic issue is the work of Boban Savić, MA, Academic Painter, Creator of stamps of the Post of Serbia.