Post of Serbia - Post at the celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar


Post at the celebration of the National Day of the State of Qatar

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Serbia hosted a formal reception today on the occasion of the upcoming National Day of Qatar - December 18. The host, the Qatari Ambassador in Belgrade, Faris Rumi Al-Naimi, hosted numerous high officials, including Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

Qatar is among the richest countries in the world and is the host of the current twenty-second competition of the best football teams in the world, which is entering the final stage. For the first time in football history, a country from the Middle East has been chosen to host the World Cup, and it is the first time that the most prestigious football competition is held in the winter months. Honouring this and at the same time supporting our national team before the first duel with Brazil on November 24, the Post of Serbia published at the very beginning of the World Cup an issue of commemorative postage stamps Qatar 2022, with the motif of the mascot of the Post's Parcel Machine in the sports edition, in the artistic realization of Ivana Zotović. We remind you that the grand final of the World Cup is scheduled for December 18.

PE Post of Serbia plans to improve cooperation with the national postal operator of Qatar, as well as to conclude a cooperation agreement soon.