Post of Serbia - Post’s “Letter to Santa Claus” prize competition has begun


Post’s “Letter to Santa Claus” prize competition has begun

The literary and artistic prize competition of the Post of Serbia "Letter to Santa Claus" starts on November 21 and will last until December 31, 2022. This year, we invite all children up to the age of 12 from all over Serbia to describe, draw, paint, create and demonstrate us all their creativity on the topic of Christmas morning.

Artistic and literary works participate in the competition, without restrictions regarding the chosen technique and the number of submitted works. The participation of young authors can be individual or collective – through the preschool and school institutions they attend.

The works should be sent to the following address: PO Box 900, 11000 Beograd 6, with the indication: Prize competition "Letter to Santa Claus".

Information about the author - name and date of birth of the author, address, city/town, contact telephone number and email address of the parent/guardian, must be stated on the back of the individual work. On the back of the group work, the name, address, city/town, contact phone number and email address of the institution or educator/teacher, department or educational group, as well as the number of children who participated in the creation, must be indicated. With all works, it is necessary to attach statements of consent for the use and processing of data about the authors for the purposes of the competition by the Post of Serbia (statements can also be handwritten).

The pieces will be evaluated by a committee consisting of writers Miloš Janković, Acting President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Writers of Serbia, Jasmina Malešević and Grozdana Lalić, as well as prominent designers, fine and graphic artists of the Post of Serbia.

The Post of Serbia will choose and announce the winners – the six best authors each in the individual and group competition, and award three special prizes. This time the prizes are valuable vouchers for technical equipment, sportswear, shoes and other sports equipment.

The results of the competition will be announced on January 14, 2023, with a subsequent award ceremony for the winners. Award-winning works will also be shown at an exhibition in the PTT Museum in Belgrade.

The conditions of the prize competition and the consent form are available on the website of the Post of Serbia, and you can see them here. For additional information, the email address is also available.