Post of Serbia - SAI confirmed the adequacy of the measures taken by the new management


SAI confirmed the adequacy of the measures taken by the new management

Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, immediately after taking office in March 2021, undertook a number of measures to improve business processes. A number of regulations and decisions were made, all with the aim of improving business operations and the regulation of clear rules in the operation and use of assets.

Đorđević established financial management and control and assigned the executive director to improve the financial system. He adopted the rulebook on the use of official vehicles, which clearly prescribed how they are used, who has the right to use them and how control is carried out. In order to regulate the segment of the hiring of persons outside the employment relationship, he prescribed clear and transparent procedures, which reduced the number of several hundreds of executors hired in this way to two to three, while the rest were hired in accordance with the law, by establishing an employment relationship. By adopting the rulebook for public procurement and establishing control mechanisms, he eliminated numerous irregularities found by the State Audit Institution (SAI), as well as prevented the emergence of new irregularities. In the coming period, further improvement is planned, among other things, the strengthening of the Internal Audit and Security System Function by introducing a special service for internal control.

Previously, during 2021, the SAI audited the operations of the Post of Serbia for 2019 and 2020, when numerous irregularities were found and stated in their report.

SAI has now, one year after the audit, confirmed that all observed irregularities have been eliminated in the retrospective audit, and that the measures taken are effective and guarantee that PE Post of Serbia will continue to operate legally.