Post of Serbia - Post with the “Sport for All” campaign


Post with the “Sport for All” campaign

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, attended the sports and recreational event "Sport for All" organized by the Association of Persons with Disabilities "Pobednik" New Belgrade.

The Post and I personally are always happy to support sports and inclusive actions, the experiences are positive and show that this is the best way to continue, on the one hand, promoting sports from the earliest to mature age, and on the other hand, social inclusion as an important segment of our personal responsibility. With joint forces, we will continue to influence sports activities to be equally accessible to everyone, stated Director Đorđević.

As the very name of the event says – Sport for All, the event brought together numerous participants, members of the Association "Pobednik" with various degrees and types of disabilities, their friends, family and relatives of all generations.