Post of Serbia - Books from Fair Directly to Desired Address


Books from Fair Directly to Desired Address

At the conference for journalists today, on the occasion of the forthcoming 65th International Belgrade Book Fair, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, has announced special benefits the Post of Serbia will provide at its stand in the Arena Hall 1 for all the visitors and participants of this manifestation.

For the first time, the Post of Serbia takes part at the International Belgrade Book Fair this year and it will present to visitors its socially responsible projects in the cultural area and publishing, thus contributing to the development of the society, as a renowned national company.

“To make this festivity of written words a real satisfaction to the visitors, to free them of worries as regards carrying of purchased books, we facilitated that all who want may send books directly from our stand in Hall 1 to any desired address and at the promotive fixed price, regardless of the weight. The Post shall also, through daily interactive workshops pay special attention to kids, but also to grown-ups, who want to learn and test their skills in calligraphy, painting of postal stamps or artistic photos. Certainly, the publishers are also in our focus, and we invite them to visit our stand in the famous Arena and on the spot get familiar with the special benefits of business cooperation in the field of sending e-commerce postal items“, said Zoran Đorđević.

At noon on Tuesday October 25, within the Post of Serbia’s Fair Programme also a postal stamp will be represented on the occasion of 85 years of Belgrade Fair, and on Wednesday, October 26, at 17:00hrs, the Post will be the host to promotion of capital issue on the occasion of the centenary of birth of the literary great man Duško Radović, “a hundred years of Duško Radović” monography, the organizer is Zorica Hadžić.

The entire programme of Fair activities at the stand of Post of Serbia will be announced at the official website of the Post,, and also on the social networks.