Post of Serbia - Regular dialogue with trade unions on plans and results


Regular dialogue with trade unions on plans and results

A regular meeting of Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, with representatives of the "Union of PTT Serbia", Union of PE PTT Transport of Serbia "Independence", Independent Union of Postal Workers, Union "Solidarity" and Union "Worker" was held.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide regular information about the management plans and to exchange opinions. Director Đorđević opened the meeting by reviewing the results in the field of organizational and business reforms in the last year and a half. The goal was to invest in new development projects, the development of digitalization and the introduction of new services such as parcel machines, as well as the renovation of some branches, the opening of new post offices and the acquisition of new equipment and delivery vehicles.

Regarding the issues of improving the material position of employees and working conditions, wages were paid out of profits in 2021 and 2022 and a significant increase in wages was achieved starting from January this year. We are expecting a salary payment based on the employees contribution to the employer's business success (award) in December and a new salary increase from January. "In the last quarter of the current year, and before the adoption of the Business Programme for 2023, it is planned to initiate a conversation with Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and the Ministry of Finance, in order to once again consider the possibility of further improving the material position of employees." Certainly, the work and results show that the employees deserve it. They showed it with their work, commitment and loyalty to the enterprise", said director Đorđević. He added that new uniforms were provided for all employees in technology, funds were allocated for 24-hour employee insurance, systematic health examinations were provided for all employees.

There were talks on the reorganization of the Enterprise, "Hybrid Post" and the work of "PostPro". Director Đorđević presented, among other things, a proposal to equalize jobs and tasks in certain workplaces, the drafting of regulations on additional stimulation of technology employees who achieve results above standard, rewarding their additional engagement and changing coefficients according to work engagement is underway. The members of the trade union were informed about the recruitment and compensation of employees engaged in the 2022 census, and the plan for the implementation of the upcoming agricultural census in 2023, in which the Post workers are also expected to participate. After the completion of all activities related to the public invitation to stimulate the mutual termination of the employment relationship of the employees of the Post of Serbia, which had a good response from the employees, it will be possible to build a stable personnel potential, primarily in technology. A pilot project for the introduction of the "hub" is being considered, where it is necessary to make changes and corrections to the proposal, to identify possible difficulties and suggestions for overcoming them, explained Đorđević.

One of the priorities of the future action will be constant investments in better working conditions, new equipment and means of work, in order to achieve greater efficiency, achieve higher incomes, and thereby ensure new growth in earnings, were the conclusions of the meeting. Unions are invited to submit proposals for projects to improve working conditions and business processes, which will be considered during the development of the business programme for the following year.

The next meeting with union representatives is scheduled for the end of this month.