Post of Serbia - Celebrating the World Post Day


Celebrating the World Post Day

The Post of Serbia is marking the World Post Day – 9 October, together with national postal administrations from 192 countries in the world and above five million employees in more than 600,000 postal branches. Annually, the postal sector delivers hundreds of billions of postal items, while billions of people around the globe use postal services on a daily basis.

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, congratulated the World Post Day to the employees and the users of postal services: “The World Post Day is a chance to pay tribute to postal employees - 15,000 of them in the Post of Serbia. They are the most deserving for our growth and development, and for successful response to recent challenges, such as global market and e-commerce. The Post of Serbia is experiencing growth in operating income, expansion of the scope of offered services and their constant growth, while the customers show increasingly more trust in quality of our services while we build new, modern company tailored to best practices. We have proved our corporate and social responsibility with economic efficiency, proper management, investments in development projects, rationalisation of business operations. Our ultimate objective is that the Post of Serbia becomes the most successful national company and a leader in the region.”

As the biggest successes since the previous World Post Day, Đorđević highlighted the renewal of the postal infrastructure and logistic network, new post offices and delivery vehicles, introduction of e-vehicles, development of modern information and communication technologies, digitalisation of business processes and the new digital services. The investments in the staff potential, like education and training and work conditions, increase in number of employees in technology remain the priorities of the management in the forthcoming period, as well as the activities and efforts to further improve the material position of the employees, better work conditions, along with the constant social dialogue regarding any issue.

On the occasion of the World Post Day, the Post of Serbia announced a commemorative issue of postal stamps together with national postal administrations worldwide, in expert cooperation with the Universal Postal Union, while the motifs of the issue convey the message for this year “The Post for the Planet”.

The Universal Postal Union was founded on 9 October 1874 in Berne, and the Principality of Serbia was among 22 founding countries. The decision on marking this day as a holiday of the global postal community, encompassing 192 countries today, was adopted at the Congress of the Universal Postal Union in Tokyo in 1969.