Post of Serbia - Meeting with expert procurement offices


Meeting with expert procurement offices

At the meeting held by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Executive Director Saša Trandafilović and Director of Procurement, Investment and Maintenance Function Ana Hadži Dašić, together with colleagues from expert offices engaged on procurement jobs for the needs of the Company, the Management was available for all open issues of planning and implementation of public procurements as well as implementation of procurements to which the Law on Public Procurement does not apply.

The conclusion of the meeting was that the Post of Serbia continues with all plans and activities to improve services by constant investments in equipment, infrastructure and working conditions, in order to be even more competitive and functional, with mandatory transparency in business operations, market research and implementation of framework agreements wherever possible, as well as that in the future, the implementation of procurement procedures must always be within the deadlines and on time.