Post of Serbia - Smart delivery of parcels 24/7 – Parcel machines of the Post of Serbia


Smart delivery of parcels 24/7 – Parcel machines of the Post of Serbia

The Post of Serbia offers a modern and practical solution for fast, easy and smart 24/7 delivery of parcels – parcel machines of the Post of Serbia.

They are used in 20 easily accessible locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar and Pančevo, near the student dormitories "Studentski grad", "Karaburma", "4 April", "Patris Lumumba" in Belgrade, at the railway station and fair in Novi Sad, on the city squares in Niš and Kraljevo, along with post offices in Pančevo, Novi Sad and Belgrade, at the railway station "Novi Beograd" and other frequent locations.

Postal items for which the postage has been paid in advance (Post-express, New parcel, PE-BOX) can be delivered at the parcel machine, at the sender's request when addressing and handing over the postal item at the post office counter or when the delivery person picks up the postal item. Another option is for the recipient to redirect the postal item to the parcel machine by responding positively to an SMS or Viber message from the Post of Serbia with an inquiry about redirecting the parcel to the parcel machine and a list of parcel machines.

By addressing the parcel machine, users can be sure that their parcels will be waiting for them in the selected parcel machine. It saves them time, because they can direct parcels to the nearest parcel machines and pick them up at a time that suits them best, with the possibility of picking up parcels 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

POST'S PARCEL MACHINE is clearly and recognizably marked, has a modern design and maximally used space for parcels, with prominent instructions for use. The service is available to registered and unregistered users, with and without a mobile application, using all mobile phones. The data required to pick up the parcel is sent to the mobile phone, and the pick-up of the parcel by the user works according to a simple principle - the recipient receives a message that a parcel is waiting for them in the parcel machine, he goes to the parcel machine and, using the application or by calling, unlocks it and collects the parcel.

Information about the service, how to use it and locations of parcel machines, and a survey for users about locations for expanding the network of parcel machines in all major cities throughout Serbia, is available on the website of the Post of Serbia at the link Users who choose to use the application can download the App from the Apple iOS app and the Play Store.