Post of Serbia - The Post will always take care of the needs of citizens


The Post will always take care of the needs of citizens

Parcel services of the Post of Serbia in domestic postal traffic are intended for natural and legal persons and entrepreneurs, who do not prioritize short delivery periods and who want to send goods and other items weighing up to 31.5 kg per parcel safely and at the most favourable prices on the domestic market with a delivery time limit of up to five working days throughout Serbia. They are specially adapted to the needs of online retailers.

”The Post of Serbia cares about its citizens, so in the coming period it will work to ensure that accessibility, convenience and services be tailored to the needs of our citizens. That is our mission and obligation”, said Director Zoran Đorđević.

The parcel service with the most favourable price – Ordinary Parcel, for sending parcels without indicated value, which for a parcel weighing up to 3 kg is still 200 RSD. The price for a parcel weighing over 3 to 5 kg is 250 RSD, and for a price of 400 RSD, a parcel weighing over 15 to 20 kg can be sent as an ordinary parcel. In 131 post offices, it is possible to collect five or more parcels at the customer’s address at a price of 100 RSD for one collection, while a special benefit applies to senior citizens until the end of the year – possibility to collect less than five parcels at the address for the same price, with a card of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund submitted for review. Parcels are received at the counters of all post offices in Serbia, while delivery is also performed throughout the entire territory of Serbia.

In addition to payment by the sender, the recipient can also pay the postage for the transfer of the parcel. It is also possible to issue and deliver a special confirmation of the delivery of the parcel, as well as the return of return documentation. As a supplementary service, an electronic confirmation of the delivery of the postal item – SMS message is also available.

Customers have at their disposal the Post’s application solutions in the form of an electronic receipt address book for the packing of parcels. The deadline for keeping parcels on delivery at the post office is 20 days, with a provided SMS message to the recipient as notification of the parcel’s arrival and delivery.

When sending, the customer packs the content in its own packaging. Packaging in the form of boxes can also be purchased at the points of sale of the Post of Serbia, in Post Shops and at post office counters. The customer can also opt for additional services - handling of a COD item (for parcels with indicated value) and handling of a separate parcels (fragile or bulky content).