Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia supported international BalkanPhila philatelic exhibition


Post of Serbia supported international Balkanfila philatelic exhibition

As part of activities to renew and intensify cooperation with the Union of Philatelists of Serbia, PE Post of Serbia will support the preparation and organization of the large international philatelic exhibition “Balkanfila”, which, after a break of 35 years, will be held in 2023 in Belgrade.

As part of the joint efforts to organize this massive philatelic meeting that will bring not only the philatelic elite of Southeast Europe to our capital, but also a large number of tourists, the Union of Philatelists of Serbia was visited by the Director of the “Srbijamarka” Working Unit of the Post of Serbia, Adam Sofronijević, and the Head of PTT Museum, Marko Jelić. In a conversation with the President of the Union of Philatelists of Serbia, Nikola Ljubičić, and the Secretary of the Union, Uglješa Stefanović, joint activities were agreed on for the long-term promotion of philately in Serbia, which includes the preparation of the international philatelic exhibition “Balkanfila”.

As of March 2021, PE Post of Serbia has been renewing and intensifying cooperation with the Union of Philatelists of Serbia in a joint effort to promote philately as an activity of national importance. This hobby encourages desirable personality traits - patience, thoroughness, a sense of beauty, as well as knowledge of national history, geography, art, science and getting to know other cultures, places and people, which is of great importance for the development of young generations.

The interlocutors invited all those interested to visit the gatherings of philatelists, which are held every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Hotel Nobel at 23 Višegradska St.