Post of Serbia - Diplomatic jubilee of Serbia and Algeria recorded on postage stamps


Diplomatic jubilee of Serbia and Algeria recorded on postage stamps

Post of Serbia and the Embassy of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria presented today at the PTT museum a commemorative issue of stamps ”60 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Algeria”. In honour of six decades of diplomacy and the 60th anniversary of the independence of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, spoke H.E. Ambassador of Algeria to Serbia, Fatah Mahraz, Milan Milanović of  Foreign Affairs Ministry of Serbia, and Zoran Đorđević, Acting director of the Post.

In the continuation of the event, Director Đorđević and Ambassador Mahraz opened for the public an exhibition of art paintings by the Algerian-Serbian artist Adel Fares and an exhibition of Algerian philately.

”The Post of Serbia joins the marking of the jubilee of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Algeria with a commemorative philatelic issue, in honour of numerous and rich ties between Serbia and Algeria since the middle of the last century, which have been on the rise ever since and marked by comprehensive progress, friendship and mutual respect, as well as the aspirations of both sides towards the widest bilateral cooperation and an even tighter connection in the sphere of economy, political dialogue, the fields of culture and art, and the rapprochement of cultures and traditions. We have prepared the issue of commemorative postage stamps in honour of decades of friendship while opening a new chapter in the development of our relations in all areas of mutual interest”, said Zoran Đorđević.

”Tempered throughout history, the Algerian-Serbian friendship has its roots in the liberation struggle led by the Algerian people against French colonialism and the valuable and multi-faceted help that the Serbian people provided to the Algerian people in their struggle for independence. This active solidarity will remain forever engraved in the hearts and memories of all Algerians”, said Ambassador Fatah Mahraz. He thanked the Post of Serbia and director Đorđević for the philatelic issue that reflects the importance Serbia attaches to the development of historical friendly relations and cooperation with Algeria, as well as the Society of Friends of Algeria for organizing the event.

 The philatelic edition ”60 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Algeria” has the Šišatovac monastery in Serbia and the Great Mosque in Algeria as motifs on the stamp, while the motifs on the vignettes are a detail – a fresco from the window of the Šišatovac monastery, fruit trees characteristic of Serbia and Algeria – plums and dates, and the mosaic from the fountain in Casbah. The motifs on the FDC envelope are the Smederevo fortress and the Casbah in the city of Algiers. Professional cooperation in the realization of the edition was provided by the Embassy of Algeria in Belgrade, while the artistic realization is the work of Miroslav Nikolić, the creator of stamps of the Post of Serbia.

Adel Fares is a young fine artist of Algerian-Serbian roots, born in 1994 in Belgrade, where he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts. He completed his master's studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and spent part of his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. He held two solo exhibitions and exhibited at group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. The exhibition of art paintings by Adel Fares and the exhibition of Algerian philately in the PTT Museum are open to visitors until 2 August.