Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia Day, 7 June


Post of Serbia Day, 7 June

The Post of Serbia Day – 7 June, was marked by a series of events across the country in honour of the postal activity, profession and tradition of 182 years. The new modern branch office 21109 Novi Sad on the Novi Sad promenade was opened today by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, and the Mayor of Novi Sad Miloš Vučević.

"We are marking The Post of Serbia Day as befits the largest business and logistics network in the country, by expanding the network of modern post offices wherever there are requirements and needs of users. On this occasion, I would like to announce the new project "Post of the Future" and the first post office from that chain, which we are also planning to open in Novi Sad, which is today the centre of high technology development and the city of the future. We will base the further development of the Post of Serbia on network expansion, innovations, digitalization, green technologies, innovative postal and logistics services and continued investments in the modernization of all segments of the system, which bring new quality, networking and new business. With the growth of all indicators of business success that we have recorded in the last year, the continuation of reforms will enable us a safe and fast way to the very top of the strongest companies in Serbia and the role of leaders in the region," said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

On 7 June (25 May according to the old calendar) in 1840, with the opening of the first post office in Belgrade, public postal traffic in Serbia began operating. According to available historical data, however, the first postal service on the territory of today's Serbia was established during the First Serbian Uprising. The Assembly of the Insurgents in Veliki Borak in 1805, in the presence of the nation’s elders, discussed the establishment and arrangement of post offices, and laid the foundations of the organized postal service, while the first post office, a building for organized transport of postal items, was established in the Milovanović house in Veliki Borak. In honour of that event, today in the renovated post office 11462 Veliki Borak, in Barajevo, a display of exhibits and photographs from the permanent exhibition of the PTT Museum was opened, which showcase prominent personalities, wealth and development of postal, telegraph and telephone activities over the centuries. Postal trumpets, a telephone exchange from the 20th century, telephones, various measuring devices are on display, while photographs show Karađorđe, the first Serbian Tatar Risto Prendić, the Constantinople road with courier connections of Tatars in the 19th century and a map of postal connections in Serbia in 1880, the Foundation of Postal Administration Act (Ustrojenije poštanskog zavedenija) from 1843.

The exhibition was opened for users and other visitors by Vladimir Dimitrijević, Executive Director of the Post of Serbia, Hadži Ana Dašić, Director of the Procurement, Investment and Maintenance Function, and the President of the City Municipality of Barajevo, Slobodan Adamović.

The Post of Serbia Day was also marked by the traditional awarding of jubilee recognitions to colleagues in working units throughout Serbia. About 1,500 employees received recognitions and awards for their work, effort and dedication 10, 20, 30 and 40 years long.