Post of Serbia - Meetings of the Collegium and the Extended Collegium of the Enterprise


Meetings of the Collegium and the Extended Collegium of the Enterprise

At today's sessions of the Collegium and the Extended Collegium of the Enterprise, which were attended by directors of regional working units, employee representatives and trade union representatives, the most important topic was information on the need to amend the Regulations on Organization and Systematization of Business in the Post of Serbia.

Director Zoran Đorđević explained all the other proposals that are in preparation. Regarding the change of systematization, the heads of functions explained the reasons for the planned changes in the organization of work in their areas of activity, and accordingly the necessary changes in personnel planning and job descriptions.

On the agenda were the achieved results and the plan of activities of the ongoing projects, as well as further modernization within the expected projects. The new Rulebook on the Classification of Post Offices, as well as the rotation of managers, with reference to the results achieved so far was also discussed. On the occasion of the permanent competition for the employment of new executors, which still records a large turnout of candidates from all over Serbia, it was said that intensive activities on the professional selection of candidates are underway within the competent HR Management Function.

Director Đorđević also spoke about the needs, plans and new ideas for improving the work on the territory of regional working units and areal working units, according to information obtained in direct meetings with post office managers and local directors, which he undertakes and will continue to do so in the future.

It was agreed that the following meeting of the extended collegium of the Enterprise will be held in the next two weeks.