Post of Serbia - Meetings in the working units "Belgrade Centre" and "Zemun"


Meetings in the working units "Belgrade Centre" and "Zemun"

According to the plan, which envisages meetings and exchange of information between the directors of the Post of Serbia and all the managers of post offices across the country, meetings were held today in the working units "Belgrade Centre" and "Zemun", in the presence of the director and deputy director of the Postal Network Function Dejan Šijak and Viktor Kostić, and the directors of the working units "Belgrade Centre" and "Zemun" Darko Ognjenović and Mira Murić.

Director Đorđević talked with managers of post offices about plans and innovations in work, further improvement of the material position of employees, new regulations governing overtime work, incentives and salary adjustments, which will contribute to adequate evaluation of work performance and rewarding those who stand out. The managers of post offices informed Director Đorđević about the needs and specifics of the functioning of local services and gave specific proposals for improving the business.

With regular exchange of information with employees up to the level of individual post offices, Director Đorđevićannounced new services based on further digitalization of the process, opening new branches, continuing the renewal of the fleet, as well as hiring new colleagues in the competition for postmen, deliverymen, drivers and counter workers which, in just 15 days, marked an extraordinary response and interest in the whole of Serbia, with more than 20,000 registered candidates.

Director Đorđević’s talks with the managers of post offices throughout Serbia will continue in the coming period.