Post of Serbia - Postage stamps in honour of Nikola Tesla


Postage stamps in honour of Nikola Tesla

The Post of Serbia and the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade promoted today at the Museum the issue of commemorative postage stamps "Nikola Tesla - brilliant mind of Serbian people". The issue, prepared in honour of one of the world's most important scientists of Serbian origin, was presented by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, and Ivona Jevtić, Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum.

"Commemorative postage stamps, created in honour and glory of the genius scientist who proudly emphasized his Serbian origin, underline the deep connection, loyalty, gratitude and pride of the Serbian people towards Nikola Tesla, and celebrate his life and work, all the achievements of his brilliant mind and incredible contribution he made to the global progress of mankind. Tesla's personality has always attracted attention, and his achievements have made stamps with his image and patents arouse great interest among collectors around the world", said Đorđević and pointed out that national heroes and deserving fellow citizens in various fields are continuously promoted through the philatelic activities of the Post of Serbia, as well as the most universal values represented by Nikola Tesla.

Ivona Jevtić thanked the Post of Serbia and Director Đorđević for their cooperation and initiative to put Tesla's image on the postage stamp and pointed out that Tesla, who created his inventions primarily for the benefit of mankind, as the greatest Serbian inventor of all time, left behind numerous patents without which we would not be able to imagine modern life today.

"No one deserves to be praised and immortalized at every opportunity more than Nikola Tesla. This is a wonderful message from our country that Serbia can boast of its genius scientist, and at the same time a unique opportunity for a message in a letter with Tesla's image to visit every corner of the planet and serve as a testimony to everyone that Nikola Tesla is a son of Serbia and that his legacy is kept in a museum dedicated to him, in the very heart of Belgrade", concluded Ivona Jevtić.

The commemorative philatelic issue, released today, contains two commemorative postage stamps in sheets of 8 stamps with vignettes in the middle, a First Day Cover (FDC) and a commemorative seal. The issue was prepared in cooperation with the Nikola Tesla Museum, while the artistic processing of the issue is the work of Boban Savić, creator of stamps and securities for the Post of Serbia.