Post of Serbia - Employees of the Post in new uniforms from today


Employees of the Post in new uniforms from today

As of today, the Post of Serbia uses new uniforms for postmen, couriers and counter workers, drivers, sorting technicians and repairmen. This means that starting today, postmen, couriers and counter workers across the country will perform regular work in the field and with customers in new uniforms with red, navy blue and white.

The new uniforms were made by the domestic manufacturer Jumko. Created in accordance with the requirements of employees, in order to follow the needs of our colleagues during field work, they contribute to professional appearance and better service, and are an integral part of the new corporate visual identity of the Post and strategy to modernize access to postal network development, whose most important part are our employees.

The Post adopted a new Rulebook on official uniforms in PE Post of Serbia, according to which it prescribes a new uniform and the obligation to provide new complete winter and summer uniforms for all couriers, counter workers and employees in logistics and maintenance, which also improves the working conditions of employees. From August last year to March 2022, there was a test period during which new uniforms were tested by selected employees from all target groups on regular jobs, and were found to meet the requirements for better protection, comfort, durability, but also that they are of better quality, easier and more comfortable than the previous ones.