Post of Serbia - For March 8 surprise gifts for female postal services users


For March 8 surprise gifts for female postal services users

The Post of Serbia joins the celebration of Women's Day on March 8, with special programs for honouring women in Serbia. Female services users at post offices across the country can expect surprise gifts throughout the day – original interactive greeting cards.

The greeting card “comes to life” with an appropriate message when it is scanned with the help of the application available at the following link At the same link, we also enabled visitors to “revive” the commemorative postage stamp that the Post released on the occasion of the Women's Day.


The issue of commemorative postage stamps entitled “Women's Day”, authored by the Zamurović brothers, world-famous photographers, carries motifs of flowers, symbol of this holiday. The philatelic issue of the Post of Serbia in an appropriate and symbolic way expresses appreciation to all women for their social, scientific, political, creative, sports and all other personal achievements.


In honour of the fairer sex, the Palace of the Main Post Office in Belgrade, located at 2 Takovska St., will be illuminated in shades of purple today.