Post of Serbia - A meeting between Management and Unions held


A meeting between Management and Unions held

Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, together with all Executive Directors and Function Directors, held a meeting with Trade Unions that are active within the Enterprise on March 1, in RPLC in Zemun. The management informed the Trade Union representatives about the results of work in the last year, and the most important business activities, primarily in the field of financial position of employees and salaries.

Director Đorđević especially emphasized that for him and the entire management, since his arrival at the head of the Company, social dialogue with the Trade Unions is of special importance, to continuously and regularly exchange information.

 „We have shown that we have the will to work and change for the better, to make the Post a successful company. This is confirmed by the business results at the end of 2021, which we successfully completed and thus created the basis to seek and realize an increase in the wage bill of 10 percent. Our goal is to be liquid and to work together with the Trade Unions on revenue growth because our primary goal is the satisfaction of employees”, said Zoran Đorđević.

Such determination, among other things, is confirmed by the new vehicles that started arriving at the end of the year, as well as 1,024 mopeds that will arrive by the end of the month, and also the new uniforms for employees that are expected during March. These procurements are especially important considering that they were not foreseen by the public procurement plan for 2021 adopted by the previous management, but the accelerated positive business growth from March last year, achieved positive business results and efficient operations through reduction of the number of management positions and special advisors, enabled investments in improving the working conditions of employees.

The positive business has enabled a significant improvement in the quality and modernization of Post’s services, as well as the introduction of new services and technology based on digitalization, so during the year, we expect the introduction of a mobile postman, e-Notary, new machines for sorting and e-commerce.

In the next period, special care will be focused on increasing salaries and further improving the material and financial position of employees, and the management will continue the discussions with the Trade Unions about the best ways and time frames to do that, and make other decisions that are important for employees.

The management is especially working on intensifying the expansion of the business network to create greater availability of services and revenue growth, so the plan is to open 300 new post offices throughout Serbia, most of them being contract post offices.

The Director appealed to the Trade Union representatives to talk to all the workers of the collective so that all employees would be informed about the measures taken and the achieved results, that the management is regularly informing the Trade Union representatives.