Post of Serbia - Renovation of the post office 11060 Belgrade 38 in Karaburma is in progress


Renovation of the post office 11060 Belgrade 38 in Karaburma is in progress

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia and Miroslav Ivanović, president of the Palilula City Municipality, visited the renovation work of the post office 11060 Belgrade 38 at 50 Patris Lumumba St. in Karaburma settlement.

“Post office in Karaburma, at Patris Lumumba St. is just one of many post offices whose adaptation is underway. Our wish is for all facilities to be modernized in the coming period, and intensive work is being done on the renovation of facilities throughout Serbia. The plan is to open three hundred more post offices, including contract post offices, while better working conditions are one of the priorities of the Post of Serbia in the coming period”, said Zoran Đorđević.

“Palilula City Municipality is happy to participate in the renovation of the post office, because it contributes to the improvement of conditions and better services that the Post of Serbia provides to our citizens in Karaburma", said Miroslav Ivanović, President of Palilula Municipality. Ivanović added that the Municipality is financing the painting of the post office premises, the installation of the lowered so-called Armstrong ceiling solution, lighting, as well as reconstruction of the plateau in front of the post office entrance, and for the next period the plan is to arrange the street and the access behind the post office building.

Post office 11060 Belgrade 38 is providing services uninterrupted and in full capacity during the renovation works.