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  April 21st, 2019.



Paid-reply mail is an item which contains a paid reply which can be in form of a letter or a postcard. Weight of paid reply in domestic postal traffic cannot be more than 250 g.
This service is intended for business customers who are sending their catalogues, brochures, questionnaires, polls and other advertising material to a large number of different addresses and expecting response from the recipients. The response as a „Paid reply“ item is accepted without paying postage, and the customer who performed their distribution pays postage only for the returned responses.
In order to use the Paid reply service, it is necessary to sign a contract.

Benefits for service users

You, as a sender have the following benefits:

  • You communicate with recipients in a most direct way, through a paid reply
  • Paid replies may be distributed to recipients in different ways: through newspapers, magazines, catalogues or by mail, namely by distribution of initial mail items containing the paid reply (initial item can be: letter, postcard, flat, direct mail or post-express item).

Special benefits that this service will provide if you are working with:

  • Catalogue sale - stimulating clients to reply to order forms for goods or services from the catalogue
  • Market research - convenient polling of /prospective/ users who send back filled-in questionnaires or responses to your poll
  • Publishing - a possibility for readers to subscribe or re-subscribe through pre-franked postcards, in the form of order forms
  • If you wish to enhance sales, we offer you a possibility to stimulate consumers, to win new buyers while keeping the loyal ones, through prize games (competitions) and coupons.

Recipient of paid-reply mail benefits from being able to send his response free from postage, by inserting it into letterbox, handing it over at post-office counter or to mailman.

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Prices are determined by the price list of postal services and money transactions service in domestic traffic.

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Depending on the territory in which you are located, please contact the relevant organizational entity or the Services Function if you need further details on letterpost services.

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