PE Post of Serbia

  April 21st, 2019.

Post Forwarding

PE Post of Serbia introduced a service of postal forwarding 'PostSped' in order to provide faster, simpler and most favorable customs for imported and exported parcels which have to be inspected and controlled.


  • Legal persons can authorize Post of Serbia by using "PostSped" to do customs procedure on their behalf.

Choose our services, because we are:

  • Faster – we have the information first, because we are in the post customs.
  • Simple - is enough to sign a, you can live customs and delivery to us.
  • Reliable - we are using postal distribution channels for delivering goods to you.
  • Most favorable - we provide customs services for the lowest price.

Addition information on PostSped services for Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad you can get by contacting salesmen of PostSped in these cities.

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You can see the prices of PostSped services here.

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PE Post of Serbia

International and domestic forwarding
WU Regional postal & logistic centre Belgrade

Ugrinovačka 210b, 11000 Beograd, PAK: 200020,
Poštanski pregradak 210
011 3643 061
011 3643 027


International and domestic forwarding
PE Post of Serbia
WU "Nis"

Dimitrija Tucovića 26, 18106 Niš-6,
Poštanski pregradak 153
018 252 162
018 252 162

Novi Sad

International and domestic forwarding
PE Post of Serbia
WU "Novi Sad"

Primorska 5, 21138 Novi Sad, PAK: 405213,
Poštanski pregradak 6
021 4886 813

If you want more information on customs procedure, please visit Internet presentation Customs.

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