PE Post of Serbia

  April 22nd, 2019.

CePP Center for Post of Serbia E-business

Centre for Post of Serbia E-business is a multimedia service provider that offers e-services according to users' needs while guarantying top protection of electronic transactions and transferred information.


We realize and upgrade:

  • Customers Services – (Call Centre and IVR – Interactive Voice Response)
  • Electronic Services (SMS and MMS services)
  • Protection of electronic transactions and data (electronic certificates of the Post)

We offer to our clients:

  • Different channels of communications with customers: SMS, IVR, Call center, Web, e-mail,
  • Security and simplicity of the service
  • Availability of the service and technical support 24 / 7
  • Savings through rental of infrastructure, human resources, ready-made solutions
  • Possibility of integration with the services in the postal system (delivery, Express Post, Business Service, Pošta NET)

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Prices are determined by a contract, depending on your needs and precisely defined demands.

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PE Post of Serbia
Center for Post of Serbia E-business – CePP

Certification Authority

Katićeva 14-18, 11000 Beograd, PAK: 111515
011 3607 895
011 3607 755
011 3651 412

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  1. What is contact centre?
    Contact Centre has the same functionality as the Call Centre, but it also enables communication with customers via e-mail, fax or web interaction.
  2. Which services Call center provides?
    Call center provides following services:
    • Telesales is communication with large number of users from target audience and selling goods and/or services using cross and increased sale
    • Telemarketing is a service of supporting a marketing strategy of a client, options: inbound and outbound.
    • Telehosting is a service of renting different parts of infrastructure;
    • Helpdesk is preparation and placement of information of general of educational context (city plans, etc)
    • Services for the Post (receiving Post Express items and providing information on the status of items, receiving telegrams in domestic traffic, helpdesk for Pošta NET, Cash Express, and for the Information Service of the Post, etc.)..
  3. What is a voice machine (IVR)?
    A voice machine is telephone service which is integrated with the system for recognition and syntheses of speech and it provides fast and cheap information available 24 hour a day. These machines are very useful in alleviating operators and in reducing busy phone channels.
  4. How can I check the status of postal items?
    Information on the status of postal items can be obtained in several ways:
    • by phone - by calling the Information Service of the Post 0700 100 300 (for PostNet money order 011 3607 500)
    • by electronic means (Web)
    • by sending an SMS to short number 2377 in the following format:
      • Format of SMS: TGSTA_ unique number of telegram
      • Format of SMS: PUSTA_ unique number of PostNet money order
      • Format of SMS: PPSTA_ unique number of postal item.
  5. What is the purpose of qualified electronic certificates?
    Qualified e-certificates are used for:
    • qualified electronic signatures in e-documents or e-mail messages, and
    • user authentication.
    Qualified electronic signature has the same legal effect as a personal signature!
  6. What are the application fields of electronic certificates?
    The most important fields of application of electronic certificates are:
    • electronic government (e-Government)
    • electronic banking (e-Banking)
    • electronic commerce (e-Commerce).
    For more information see the web site of Certification Authority of the Post.
  7. How can I become a user of qualified electronic certificates of the Post?
    See on a web page of Certification Authority.

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