PE Post of Serbia

  April 22nd, 2019.


November 21st, 2017. year

The Post at Full Capacity - in the Service of Serbian Citizens

We would like to inform the public that the PE Post of Serbia, which is entrusted with the activity of public interest, renders its services within the scope of its activity to all the legal entities and natural persons without delay. Therefore, the allegations that there is a chaos in the Serbian post offices are untrue, being tendentious attempts of the leaders of non-representative Union - the Independent Union of Postal Workers to unnecessary alert the public.
Also, we would like to remind the public that on Friday, 17 November 2017 it was decided by the representative unions with membership of about 11,000 employees to cancel the strike in the Post of Serbia.
Today, according to the official report of the expert offices, 17 employees from the territory of the Republic of Serbia declared that they supported strike activities of the Independent Union of Postal Workers, which is their legitimate right.
This management, headed by the Acting Director of the Enterprise, Mrs Mira Petrović, having full cooperation with its founder, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, headed by Ms Ana Brnabić and representatives of the representative unions - PTT Serbia Union and PTT “Nezavisnost” Union, is currently looking for the best solution for improvement of the social and material position of 15,000 employees.
In addition, we would like to inform the public that due to the illegal blockade of operations in the Regional Postal & Logistic Centre “Beograd” as the heartbeat of the PE Post of Serbia, organised by the Independent Union of Postal Workers, the work process of general interest was stopped for several days, and the damage to the Enterprise was immense (several million dinars) due to the delays in delivery of postal items.
The expert offices of the Post of Serbia, acting upon the order of the Serbian Government, Supervisory Board and having full consent of the representative unions, work intensively on the estimation of direct and indirect damages suffered by our enterprise. According to the presently available data, the damage amounts to 300,000,000.00 dinars. It is expected that the consequences of illegal gatherings would be more far-reaching and the damage noticeably greater.
All the measures available pursuant to the law are taken against the organisers and participants in blockade of Distribution Centre, in order to sanction unruly behaviour and protect this vital national system, its 15,000 employees and their families. It is an unalienable right of employees to express their dissatisfaction through protest or strike in accordance with the regulations governing this field, but it is inadmissible that the participants with their irresponsible behaviour and acts incur several-million damage both to the Enterprise and employees, and the Republic of Serbia.