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  April 21st, 2019.

Telegram - Abroad

PE Post of Serbia offers to its customers the service of delivering telegrams abroad.


Telegram is a written message which is handed over by a service user, private or business user, directly on the counter at the post office for all countries. By calling 1961 with the landline telephone of the operator „Telekom Srbija“, it is possible to send telegrams in Serbian language to Croatia, Slovenia, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.
The address of telegram’s addressee must have all the necessary elements which unambiguously define the recipient and enable fast and accurate delivery of the telegram.
If handed in the post office, telegram has to be written readably and clearly in Latin alphabet.
Forbidden telegram messages are those messages whose content refers to violation of constitution, or it incites national, religious or other violence or hatred, against mankind and international laws, lives and persons, honour and reputation and general security of people and property. Telegrams with the forbidden content will not be received.
Telegram in the international traffic is charged per number of words.

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Telegrams in international traffic which were received four hours before end of working hours in the post offices with a specialized delivery will be delivered during the same day. In the areas of post offices which do not have specialized delivery, telegrams will be delivered through regular delivery.

Telegrams in international traffic are delivered according to the organisation of delivery of the destination country.

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Pricelist - international traffic

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