PE Post of Serbia

  May 20th, 2019.

Addressing the letter-post items

Proper addressing, certain delivery.

Proper addressing implies entering accurate address data in the correct order.

The key element for proper addressing is specifying the Postal Address Code (PAK), as a component of the address of every citizen and legal entity in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

  • The sender is required to indicate the following data at the address side of a postal item:
    • Title, name and surname the of the recipient,
    • the name and number of the street, sub-number, apartment number (or PO Box number, or the name and number of military post office or mark’post restant’ / ‘poste restant’),
    • name of the settlement (destination),
    • number and name of the delivery post office,
    • postal address code (PAK) in domestic postal traffic.
  • For items that are addressed to „post restante”, PO Box or military post office, the sender is not obliged to specify the postal address code (PAK) of the destination post office.
  • Postal items intended for abroad are addressed in accordance with the regulations of the destination country, whereby the name of the country of destination is written on the last address line in Latin script.