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  April 21st, 2019.

Mms postcard

Your personal postcard

MMS postcard is a service of the Post of Serbia which enables you to make a real, printed postcard from the photo you took with your cell phone camera, and send it to the wanted address.


How does this service work?

All it takes is to sand an MMS with the photo you took with the camera on your cell phone together with the name of the receiver, his address and appropriate text to the number 2333.
Your MMS is delivered to the Center for Post of Serbia E-business (CePP), where it is transformed (printed) into a classical postcard that would be delivered to the given receiver like a regular postcard.
The photo has to be in JPEG format, with a minimum resolution 600x400 and optimal resolution 1024x768. MMS size is limited to 200 KB by MTS.
Your MMS postcard (greeting card) will be delivered to the receiver within the shortest possible time.
This service is available, also when in roaming, for the users of MTS networks (064/065/066).

Instructions for sending an MMS postcard

Send the photo you took with your cell phone camera, within an MMS, to a short number 2333 in the format:

First and last name, postal number place street name and number # greeting text

Example: Petar Petrovic 11000 Beograd Simina 6 # Greetings from the holiday

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Delivery time limits

Delivery time limits for MMS postcards are the same as the ones for other postal items.

  • up to two working days - in a narrow delivery territory
  • up to four working days – in a wider delivery territory
  • up to seven working days – in the widest delivery territory

The above-mentioned time limits exclude the reception day, Saturdays, Sundays, national and religious holidays and other non-working days, if Post of Serbia does not deliver and dispatch mail on such days.

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The MMS postcard price is 50.00 dinars + price of the basic SMS+VAT.

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PE Post of Serbia
Center for Post of Serbia E-business – CePP
Katićeva 14-18, 11000 Beograd, PAK: 111515
011 3607 895
011 3651 412
Working hours:
Monday-Friday (7:30a.m.-3:30p.m.)

Post of Serbia Information center

0700 100 300

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