PE Post of Serbia

  May 20th, 2019.

Traditional prize contest for the youngest

Awards for the most beautiful children's letters to Santa Claus

Awards for the most beautiful children's letters to Santa Claus

Awards for the most beautiful children's
letters to Santa Claus

Nearly 6,300 works arrived in the period between November 3 and December 3, 2018 for the 16th prize competition “Write to Santa Claus”, in which children up to ten years of age from all over Serbia traditionally participate.

In the individual competition, the first prize was won by Danilo Šijan from Sombor, for the imaginative and original story about the boy, Momčilo, who learned the secret of Santa Claus; the second prize went to Nikoleta Tokodi from Subotica, for a fairy-tale drawing of a fairy flying through a snowy, winter night; Third prize was won by Leonid Rašković from Kragujevac for a rhythmic song of noble message and empathy.

In the collective category, the first prize was won by the little ones from the "Poletarac" kindergarten from Odžaci, whose 74 works of authentic artistic expression and expressive colouring radiate a cheerful, festive atmosphere and New Year's motifs; The second prize was given to children from the Pre-school "Čukarica" – "Sanjalica" kindergarten, who made a proper book with an interesting story - “Fairy saves Santa Clause” and even more interesting drawings; The third place belongs to the fourth grade students of the Elementary School "Vladimir Rolović" – class IV/3 from Belgrade, for an unusual work in origami technique - a song about Santa Claus, the Post and its valuable postmen, complemented by illustrations.

These works reaffirmed the remarkable children's giftedness in various forms of artistic creativity, and the award-winning authors singled out with their special ideas, energy and emotion.

The Post of Serbia, in the spirit of the confirmed socially responsible practices, invited the little ones once again to join the adventure of writing letters to Santa, with the goal of fostering the culture of writing and literacy and developing their creative potential.