PE Post of Serbia

  April 21st, 2019.

Short overview of the history of the Post

The beginning of postal services providing imposed itself owing to a need for safe transport of messages performed in due time, that is why the history of the postal traffic in Serbia lasts more than 165 years, it started with a mail delivery by the horsemen, massagers – so called Tatars, later by coaches, and after that by train, cars, steamboats and airplanes.


Many years have passed since the first 19th century Post Offices called – menzulans were established, as the predecessors of those modern Post Office buildings of our time. Today, in a 21st century, together with the development of telecommunications and other means of communication, the profile and structure of postal business operations have also changed in many ways. Modern postal buildings of our time completely correlate with the needs of our contemporary society, so in that sense, it could be said that we are keeping pace with the time.


  • 1840 – On the 25th of May according to the old, i.e. 7th of Jun according to the new calendar in 1840 the first post office was opened on Kalemegdan.
  • 1866 - the First Postal Law was passed, and first postal stamp issued.
  • 1874 – in Bern, Serbia and 21 other world countries became the founders of Universal Postal Union.
  • 1945 – 1990 – pursuant to the applicable laws, the Post of Serbia functions as a state-owned enterprise.
  • On January 1st 1990 The Public Enterprise of PTT Communications "Srbija" was founded as a public enterprise of postal, telegraph and telephone traffic, with state- owned operating instruments.
  • 1997 (29th of May) The PE of PTT Communications "Srbija" is transformed into a holding company.
  • 2003 The Public Enterprise of PTT Communications “Srbija“ is operating under the name: The Public Enterprise of PTT Communications “Srbija“, with unlimitted liability
  • 2003 Railroad transport of postal items was abolished.
  • 2005
    • New Postal Services Law was enacted.
    • By the realisation of the Restructuring Programme, working units “Catering” and “Post Tours” are separated as independent companies.
  • 2010
    • The Post of Serbia has become the first postal administration in the South-East Europe which implemented a business and information system SAP.
    • A new information and communication network Post-net is introduced in all the business facilities of the Enterprise and a new technological and information system Post-tis is developed.
    • PE Post of Serbia has taken the rights, liabilities, operations, assets, documentation and objects of the Community of Yugoslav Posts, Telegraph and Telephones, as well as the rights, liabilities, operations, documentation, objects and employees of “Jugomarka” LLC.
    • Public Enterprise of PTT Communications “Srbija” has made the free transfer of rights over the property of 80% of shares in the Joint-Stock Telecommunications Company “Telekom Srbija”.
    • Postal Address Code - PAC of the Post of Serbia has been incorporated into the Universal Post Code Database of UPU as an example to the other postal administrations how to improve the quality of postal items conveyance in domestic and international postal traffic by means of address code.
    • The corner stone for the Main Postal Centre “Beograd” is laid, thus presenting the start of construction of the regional postal and logistic centres in Belgrade, Novi Sad and re-construction of the present building in Niš
  • 2011
    • The Post of Serbia has resumed, after the half of century, celebrating of its Saint Patron’s Day for postal vocation – Annunciation (7th April).
    • The PE Post of Serbia has acquired property rights to shares of the “Postal Savings Bank” JSC, which increased the participation of the Post in the capital of the Postal Savings Bank to 49%.

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