PE Post of Serbia

  May 20th, 2019.

Chronology of the public postal traffic


(25th May / 7th June)
Launch of public postal communications.


(1st August)
Opening of Austrian consular post office.


(15th October)
”Establishment of Postal System” was announced, the first legal act in the matter. Postal System represented an overall postal organisation with the task of connecting all Serbian towns in one postal network.


Introduction of first postal uniforms in blue colour, with light green details.


First postal mailboxes were installed in Belgrade.


(4th May)
Established carriage communication, by trolley, destination Belgrade-Aleksinac.

(31st October)
Law on Postal Stamps was passed.


(9th October)
Universal Postal Union was founded in Bern. Serbia was one of the founders, among other 21 countries in the world.


Opening of first municipal post offices, connected with state post offices.


(3rd September)
Inauguration of the first railway on destination Belgrade-Niš, which was also the beginning of the railroad transport of postal items.


The first number of PTT Gazette appeared.


(7th December)
The Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs was established.


(1st April)
Post and Telegraph Directorate in Belgrade was formed.


Pursuant to the Law on postal, savings, cheque and remittance transfer, the Postal Savings Bank was founded, as an independent state institution, under the supervision of the PTT Ministry.


(1st October)
First Postal Savings Bank’s counters were opened.


The Rule Book on Contracted post offices was enacted.


(7th March)
Due to formation of an interim government of the DFY, the Ministry of Posts was re-established.

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(31st January)
The new Constitution was proclaimed, according to which posts, telegraphs and telephones were placed under the responsibility of the highest federal authorities.


(7th April)
By the decree of Presidium of FPRY National Assembly, the Ministry of Posts was abolished, and its competences were transferred to the newly-established Main Postal Directorate.


(28th December)
A decree on the organisation, activities and administration of Yugoslav posts was made, whereby the Postal Directorate was abolished and the Enterprise of PTT Communications Belgrade was established.


(4th December)
The Law on YPTT was enacted.


Introduction of IT in PTT.

Application of postal codes in Yugoslavia.


(1st July)
The Coordination Board of the Enterprise passed the Decision on issuing of the joint professional and informative magazine ”PTT – Gazette”, for the territory of FR of Serbia.


(28th December)
The Public Enterprise of PTT Communications ”Srbija” was founded as a public enterprise of postal, telegraph and telephone traffic, with state-owned operating instruments.

Introduction of Cable Distribution System in Subotica.

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The first mobile telephony company ”Mobtel” started to operate in Belgrade.


Mobile telephony company ”Telekom Srbija” started to operate.

(29th May)
The PE of PTT Communications ”Srbija” is transformed into a holding company.

(1st June)
The company for telecommunications ”Telekom Srbija” JSC, as a independent company, was founded, which was putting an end to the common phase of joint postal and telecommunication development.

Introduction of Cable Distribution System in Belgrade (established as a sector in the PTT)

Development of Internet access networks was initiated.


(26th December)
New Postal logo and new postal uniforms were introduced.


(19th June)
The Post of Serbia Internet site was promoted.

(1st September)
The first subscriber number was introduced in CDS (Tošin Bunar).

(18th November)
Post Express service was promoted.


The Public Enterprise of PTT Communications ”Srbija” is operating under the name: Public Enterprise of PTT Communications ”Srbija”, with unlimitted liability.

(21st May)
Railroad transport of postal items was abolished.

(11th June)
New postal service CePP (Postal Centre for E-Business) was promoted.

(1st September)
The Post of Serbia introduced a new service – Post-net money order, of sending/reception within the country.


By implementation of the Restructuring Programme, the WU ”Catering” and ”PostTours” were singled out as the independent companies.

Upon the Conclusion of the Government, the transfer of founders’ rights in the Company PTT ”Catering” LLC Belgrade and in tourist agency ”PostTours” LLC Belgrade was made between the PE of PTT Communications ”Srbija” and the Republic of Serbia.

Postal Services Law was passed.


(19th December)
The Post of Serbia issued the first qualified electronic certificate, whereby the Certification Authority of the Post became the first public certification authority in Serbia empowered for issuance of qualified electronic certificates.


An integrated service is introduced which implies a set of services of information, postal and financial nature which is supported by the systems for massive personalised and distributed printing (the organisation transformation of Working Unit for publishing into Working Unit ”Hybrid Mail”).

A new service is introduced, so-called ”Postal Logistic Parcel” which implies a set of services of marketing, transport and logistic, postal, financial and information-technological nature (the organisation transformation of Working Unit ”Car Service” into the Working Unit ”Postal Transport Logistics”.

A new service is introduced of money sending and receiving in/from over 200 countries in the world – Western Union money order.

(9th October)
A new, user-friendly internet site of the Post of Serbia was put into operation.

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The Post of Serbia has become the first postal admini11 stration in the South-East Europe which implemented a business and information system SAP.

A new information and communication network Postnet is introduced in all the business facilities of the Enterprise and a new technological and information system Post-tis is developed.

Pursuant to the provisions in Article 34 of the Act on amendments of and supplements to the Postal Services Law, the Public Enterprise of PTT Communications ”Srbija” has taken the rights, liabilities, operations, assets, documentation and objects in the Community of Yugoslav Posts, Telegraph and Telephones, as well as the rights, liabilities, operations, documentation, objects and employees of ”Jugomarka” LLC. A specialised Working Unit ”Srbijamarka” has been formed.

(7th June)
A monograph on the Post of Serbia is promoted, with the title ”170 years of the Post of Serbia” in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, after opening of the Exhibition (with the same title) of objects from the PTT Museum.

(31st August)
Beginning of free shares trade in the post offices of Serbia.

(27th September)
By the decision of the Board of Directors of the Enterprise, the name ”PTT Gazette” is changed into ”Postal Gazette” and is redesigned.

Upon the Government Conclusion and the Agreement on free shares transfer of ”Telekom Srbija” JSC – gift, the Public Enterprise of PTT Communications ”Srbija” has made the free transfer of rights over the property of 80% of shares in the Joint-Stock Telecommunications Company ”Telekom Srbija”. The change of ownership over the shares is registered in the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House.

Postal Address Code – PAC of the Post of Serbia has been incorporated into the Universal Post Code Database of UPU as an example to the other postal administrations how to improve the quality of postal items conveyance in domestic and international postal traffic by means of address code.

Implementation of the project of e-administration and the qualified electronic certificates of the Post of Serbia (the Tax administration, the National Bank of Serbia, the Public Administration and Local Self Government, judicial bodies, unique electronic registries of citizens – birth registries and citizenship registries).

(24th December)
The corner stone for the Main Postal Centre ”Beograd” is laid, thus presenting the start of construction of the regional postal and logistic centres in Belgrade, Novi Sad and re-construction of the present building in Niš.


(14th January)
The Post of Serbia and the Serbian Railways enter into the Agreement on joint construction of optical telecommunication infrastructure along the railway corridors.

(30th March)
A unique post office in Serbia is opened in Katićeva Street in Belgrade, since it uses a modern information system Post-tis for its operations, which facilitates a complete automation and integration of business operations.

(7th April)
The Post of Serbia has resumed celebrating of its Saint Patron’s Day for postal vocation – Annunciation.

(9th August)
A new service of electronic delivery of request for collection of Post Express items, by means of Internet, using the application ”Web Express” is introduced.

(13th October)
A Protocol on holding the PostEurop Assembly in Belgrade on 24th and 25th April 2012.

(15th November)
A new service is introduced in the international postal traffic – ”Post-Export – Export of Goods” aiming to simplify the exporting procedure by means of postal items for the needs of SMEs.

On the basis of the Government Conclusion and the Agreement on free transfer of shares of the Joint Stock Company Postal Savings Bank Belgrade – gift, the Government has transferred for free and the Public Enterprise of PTT Communications ”Srbija” has acquired the right of ownership over 112,529 ordinary shares of the Bank, of total nominal value of 1,125,290 RSD, which presents 25.14% of totally emitted ordinary shares of the Bank, that increased the participation of the Post in the capital of the Postal Savings Bank to 49%. This change in ownership over the shares is registered in the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House.

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