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  April 21st, 2019.



PE Post of Serbia performs insurance agency services as a representative of “Dunav osiguranje” Company a.d.o. (Decision of the National Bank of Serbia No. 3967 from May 15, 2017).

Sale of Insurance Policies

At the counters of authorized post offices, you can conclude an insurance contract for the following types of insurances:

  • Travel Health Insurance (more information)
  • Combined Household Insurance ("Home Guard ") (more information)
  • International Insurance Cards (Green Card), as a confirmation on the concluded Automobile Liability Insurance (more information)
  • Roadside Assistance Insurance (more information)
  • Motor Accident Insurance which covers all persons in the capacity of a driver or passenger in a vehicle, against the following risks:
    • death in a vehicle due to accident and
    • permanent disability as a consequence of injury in a vehicle
  • Voluntary Health Insurance against the Risk of Cancer – Cancer Protection (more information).

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Complaints related to insurance services can be submitted at the post office where the insurance contract has been concluded. The complaints can also be submitted via e-mail:

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PE Post of Serbia
Services Function
Takovska 2, 11120 Belgrade,
PAK: 135403
Call Center: 0700 100 300
Dunav Insurance Company a.d.o.
Makedonska 4, 11103 Belgrade,
PAK: 106710
Call Center: 0800 386 286

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